7 Year Marker: Press On!

We are now in our 7th year working to protect religious liberty in the courts!  And now, we need your help as we commit to press on towards the goal that God has set before us.

It’s hard to believe that 7 years ago, we opened our doors and began our mission of protecting religious liberty in the courts; enabling Christian organizations, churches, and individuals to be free to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, uninhibited by unfair persecution and prosecution. We have grown tremendously over these past years, and now, we are ready to stretch ourselves even further.

We’re at the 7 mile marker on our journey to our goal, and together with you, we plan to press on toward our purpose with more vigor, more determination, and more resources than ever!

As we move forward into a new year and a new marker on the path towards our goal, we have several objectives that we have laid out in order to stretch ourselves and continue effectively in our mission:

1.      Plan: We will aggressively increase our case load with more strategic cases that are directly related and central to our purpose: Defending the first amendment right to spread the Christian Gospel.

2.      Pursue: (a) We will pursue opportunities to challenge governmental hostility toward Christianity like the efforts to remove Christian symbols from public display; and (b) We will strategically continue to pursue cases that will challenge unlawful land use and building restrictions that are burdening and censoring churches.

In order to spread the mission of Advocates and help bring in more strategic cases, we have redesigned our website (www.faith-freedom.com) and are in the process of search engine optimization so that our website is easier to find by people and organizations needing help.

We are excited about these goals, but we are going to need your help to reach them.  We rely on monthly donations to cover the costs of our operations and to plan for growth, so that we can bring on more cases, confident in the fact that we have the resources to put our best effort towards them.

To continue our current operations and expand to the 2 goals listed above, we have set a goal to bring in $2,500 of new monthly donations by the end of this year. That’s just 100 people committing to give $25 every month!

Please pray about helping us financially on a monthly basis – if you are able to give any amount, we will be that much closer to our goal! Thank you in advance for all of your support –financial, prayer, encouragement…it all means so much to us and shows that we can stretch even further past this 7 Year Marker!

“I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” - Philippians 3:14

God Bless You,




Robert Tyler General Counsel


Ask Advocates

Q: What do the election results mean for our personal religious liberties and freedoms?

A:  That is the question on our minds now, as well.  During his second term, President Obama will be able to appoint at least one but more likely two or three new justices to the Supreme Court.  Since the most important and oftentimes controversial battles for our personal liberties make it to this High Court, we expect to face more challenges in pursuit of religious freedoms.  We are not deterred, however!  We will continue the good fight! Have a question for Advocates?  Send it to info@faith-freedom.com


Case Updates

• We are looking into the case of five churches in Washington D.C. that are facing unfair land use regulations.  The local government is trying to restrict the use of their buildings because of a historic preservation ordinance, which may violate the churches’ free exercise of religion by placing unreasonable restrictions on the use of their property.

• A drug and alcohol counseling organization is being denied state accreditation status because of its biblical stances.  We are researching this case now.

• Every September, we get numerous phone calls from all over the country regarding See You at the Pole at public schools.  This year, students in Wisconsin and Tennessee, as well as a teacher from Texas, faced resistance from their schools when they tried to participate in the event.  We sent demand letters in each instance, and school officials quickly changed their decisions.