A Supreme Court Win for Liberty

With our big government seemingly growing bigger all the time, we celebrate every victory that affords individuals personal freedom and liberties.

Just this week, the Supreme Court decided in favor of the individual and religious liberty.  In Arizona, state taxpayers had challenged a state program that allows tax credits to those who contribute to school tuition organizations (STOs), which provide scholarships to private and religious schools.  In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court found that these taxpayers had no standing, and that, essentially, individuals have the right to contribute their money to the organizations they want to help.  In the decision, Justice Kennedy explained:

“[C]ontributions result from the decisions of private taxpayers regarding their own funds.  Private citizens create private STOs; STOs choose beneficiary schools; and taxpayers then contribute to STOs.  While the State, at the outset, affords the opportunity to create and contribute to an STO, the tax credit system is implemented by private action and with no state intervention…”

We celebrate this victory of freedom and personal liberty, and we are proud to have written the brief on the issue where the case was won!