A Victory in California...and The National Day of Prayer

A Victory in California!           Let us give you some good news from California! Recently, we were contacted by Texas-based Liberty Legal Institute and Pastor Rick Moore of Calvary Church and StateChapel Laguna Niguel. Pastor Rick was attempting to rent city facilities from the City of Laguna Niguel in order to launch his new church. However, when Pastor Rick contacted the City, he learned that although the City rented their facilities to nonprofit organizations, the City could not rent to religiously based organizations because of a discriminatory provision embodied in the City’s ordinances.

          With help from Advocates for Faith & Freedom and Liberty Legal Institute, we were able to properly advise Pastor Rick and the City Council about the unconstitutionality of the policy prohibiting the rental to religious organizations. After a public hearing last month, the City Council voted unanimously to eliminate the discriminatory policy so that churches could rent City facilities just like other nonprofit organizations.

            Thank God for this victory!

National Day of Prayer is TODAY

          Please join us today, May 1, 2014, as we pray for our nation, our leaders, our families, our schools, our churches and ministry leaders, our children, and our future on this National Day of Prayer.

          Please go to our Facebook or Twitter page and share with us what your prayer is today.  Let’s join together as one to lift up our voices to our Almighty God and ask for His providence and guidance!