Compare the Candidates

Dear Partner,              We are just days away from one of the most important elections of our lifetime. For the past four years, our nation has progressed in a recession that is crippling many individuals, families, and small businesses. 

             But further, this election has great significance for the future of religious liberty in our nation. For the past few years, we have brought our cases in front of panels of liberal-leaning judges at the state and national level. Some of our cases become subject to courts that would rather interpret law in their own way, rather than enforce the law as it exists and has been established for generations in our Constitution. If a real change doesn’t come in the political and legislative realm soon, these trends in the courts may continue to worsen in the next few years.

             These are urgent statements, but we cannot emphasize enough what an urgent time this is for America. Our next President will implement legislation affecting our religious liberties, impact our personal freedoms (like the right to choose our healthcare provider), and decide the path of the courts for years to come with the appointment of one or more justices to the Supreme Court.

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            Several helpful videos concerning voting your values and the impact you can make on November 6th are available at One video regarding pro-life voting offers this staggering statement, “Over 53 million children have been killed by abortion since January 22nd, 1973.” I myself gave a short commentary addressing the right of pastors to comment on issues that, although political, are also important moral issues upon which pastors can express their viewpoints from the pulpit. That video can be found at the Salt and Light website previously mentioned, listed under “Legal Do’s and Don’ts for Pastors and Churches”–“Myth: Pastors on the Frontline.”                     If we truly consider what is most important to us, we will be able to objectively look at the two candidates before us and make a choice that coincides with our beliefs. 

             To help you consider the candidates views, we’ve put together an overview of where the candidates stand on a few very important moral and religious issues:

             Regardless of the outcome, however, I assure you that we will continue our battles in the courts for the sake of generations to come. Thank you for praying for us and financially contributing to Advocates so that we can continue our work in defense of our God-given liberties.

God bless you,          Robert Tyler  President and General Counsel