Delegates at the DNC Boo “Jerusalem” and “God”

The conventions have dominated the news cycle over the past couple of weeks, but a surprising event at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) has left us appalled. Over the course of the last week, it was odd to see that the Democrats’ 2012 platform made not one mention of “God,” whereas the Republican platform makes mention of God 12 times! In addition, there was no statement in the DNC platform about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. In the past, this has been one point where the Republican and Democratic platforms have always aligned.

It seems that, due to the public outcry and pressure to remain relevant to faith-based voters, the DNC has now recanted. A motion was made to reinstate language about Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the term “God-given,” into the platform.

However, it did not come easily. You can watch the video below to see that the DNC chairman had to call these changes to a vote three times before he eventually passed the motion. And, even then, it was met with boos from the audience of Democratic delegates.

Watch the video by clicking on the image below: