Did you know Congress printed the first U.S. Bible?

The theme of our annual Justice gala, on October 1, 2011, is“Defending Our Christian Heritage.”  In a time when the culture war is raging in our Nation, we can’t think of a more relevant topic to share with you.

We are so pleased to have David Barton, president of WallBuilders – an organization dedicated to preserving America’s forgotten history and heroes – as our featured speaker at Justice.  His knowledge of America’s Christian foundation shines a bright light on our history, such as the fact that the first Bible printed in English in the U.S. was printed by our government.

There is so much religious history to our nation’s founding that has been lost or revised along the way.  Other amazing facts that David Barton shares…

  • That first U.S. Bible printed by Congress was for use in…our public schools
  • The 4 paintings lining the walls of the Capitol show two prayer meetings, a Bible study, and a baptism
  • The U.S. Capitol was America’s first megachurch, housing church services every Sunday

You will not want to miss this year’s Justice dinner and auction on October 1, with David Barton as our guest speaker.  This video gives just a sneak peek of what he will be sharing with us about the importance of “Defending Our Christian Heritage”:

Click here to view video