Do you know the TRUE story behind our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”?

In the midst of the War of 1812, three US hostages aboard a British ship wait through the night, hearing the devastating sounds of war raging against a strategic US fort.  In the morning, they wake up at dawn, head to the deck, and look out to see whether the US flag is still flying, or if it has been replaced with a British flag….

Want to know the rest of the story?  Click here to watch a video from David Barton, President of WallBuilders, explaining this amazing moment in our history.

We are excited that David Barton will be our keynote speaker at this year’s Justice Gala!  His intimate knowledge of history – particularly from a religious viewpoint – is incredible, and we are blessed to have him share more about our nation’s forgotten heroes and Christian heritage at our event.

As the icing on the cake, we have Mike Williams – one of the greatest Christian comics today – as our Master of Ceremonies. Be ready to laugh the night away while supporting Advocates for Faith & Freedom!

Justice 2011, taking place on October 1 in Newport Beach, CA, will be one you will always remember…we hope you will join us!