First Look - 2016: Obama's America

President Obama is one of the least-known men to ever walk into the White House.  Even 4 years later, what do we actually know about this man and his vision for America?  Will he pursue an anti-colonialist agenda--downsizing America and fighting capitalism? Our keynote speaker for Justice 2012, Dinesh D’Souza, was recently interviewed on Fox News to discuss some of these ideas, which will be thoroughly explored in his soon to be released documentary, 2016: Obama’s AmericaYou can watch the interview here.

We are so excited for Dinesh to come share with us this year at our Justice Gala.  He will dive deeper into America’s future in his address, “Liberating America.”

You can find more information about Justice 2012 here, and please consider joining us for this exciting keynote address from Dinesh!