Historical Bible Banished from our Nation's Library

On my recent visit to Washington D.C, I was told that scores of historical books describing America’s Christian heritage have been ousted from our Nation’s library! For centuries the Library of Congress has collected and displayed millions of documents, books, artwork and other artifacts of our Judeo-Christian history. Established in 1800 to provide Congress historical documentation for the making of laws, the LOC is the world’s foremost repository of American history.

Even the architecture—particularly in the Main Vestibule of the Library’s historic Thomas Jefferson Building—symbolizes the legacy of our Christian roots. But while on a tour of the library, I was more struck by what was missing, than what was there.

Our guide, Dr. Catherine Millard, president and historian for Christian Heritage Ministries, told me that over several decades, countless books, many of them historical works celebrating our religious history, have simply disappeared from the General Collection - the library’s primary public access area. They are typically labeled either missing in inventory or charged to the Rare Book Collection and stored in a special vault.

She’s been tracking the books’ disappearances since the 1980’s! Much of her work, including more than 20 years as a researcher and writer at the LOC, is contained  in    her   book,  “The   Rewriting  of   America’s History,” originally published in 1991, updated in 2011. Certain  that  our  nation’s   Protestant   Christian history  has  been  targeted, she  told  me, “There has been a Library of Congress onslaught on removing the nation's true historic origins, hence, identity, from public view.”

Dr. Millard is convinced the literary exodus is not just a case of sloppy book keeping, but a deliberate attempt at revisionist history. Only four days after our tour, Dr. Millard was stunned to discover that the Giant   Bible of   Mainz - a 500 year-old, hand-written and illustrated Bible that, along with the Gutenberg Bible, had been on display for more than 50 years - has been removed.

When Dr. Millard inquired, she was told by the chief of the LOC’s Visitor Services Office that the Librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden, had removed the historic Bible for renovation. However, we cannot find anyone who can tell us if or  when the Bible will ever be back on display.

However, we cannot find anyone who can tell us if or  when the Bible will ever be back on display.

Gayle Osterberg, the director of Communications for the LOC, told Dr. Millard that Hayden, an Obama appointee who was head of the Baltimore Public Library system, has ideas to modify the Main Vestibule to include hands-on, 21st century and “pop-up” exhibits that pay homage to current and cultural influences.

In June, 2017, one of those exhibits included a tribute to “Pride in the Library," featuring items from the library's extensive “LGBTQ-Plus” collections. Since thousands of students visit the Library of Congress every month, what better way to promote the left’s public school agenda? Dr. Millard calls this action an affront to Christian families!

In a June 2016 Daily Signal article, Concerned Women for America voiced their displeasure with Hayden’s far-left radical activism.

Of Hayden’s ideological agenda and obvious lack of qualifications, Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Hans von Spakovsky said, “That’s not what the Library of Congress is all about.” It’s the foremost cultural institution of the U.S. government, and that’s why we’ve had renowned scholars in this position.”

With what I’ve been told, I share Dr. Millard’s urgent concern for the integrity of our nation’s Library.  Maybe it’s time for President Trump to appoint a new Librarian of Congress who will respect our Christian Heritage.

If you’d like to help Advocates for Faith & Freedom get this priceless Giant Bible of Mainz back on display and fight this attack on our spiritual heritage, please let your voice be heard!

To exert pressure on the Committee on House Administration please call 202-225-8281 or send an easy form email to the committee members from their website at cha.house.gov/about/contact-us/email-house-administration. Public pressure has worked in the past. In 1990, the missing 1847 family Bible belonging to Abraham Lincoln was found after Dr. Millard doggedly pressed Library officials on its whereabouts.

Just as Dr. Millard’s objective is to preserve the truth about our Christian history in Washington D.C., Advocates for Faith & Freedom is fighting to protect our religious liberties in our courts.

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