How Can YOU Help Christians In Iraq? Here Are Four Ways

Dear Friend,

Christians are currently facing genocide in Iraq while many of their American brothers and sisters are silent. The militant Sunni Islamist organization ISIS has taken over complete portions of Iraq and Syria, sending a clear message to the Christians who don’t escape the area. That is, convert or die. Christians who choose the latter are tortured, beheaded, hung and crucified. Thousands are fleeing the area to seek refuge in other villages. ISIS has taken over a city in Northern Iraq called Mosul, and for the first time since Christianity was brought to the area 2,000 years ago, the city is empty of Christians. Churches have been looted and destroyed and homes have been confiscated.In times like these, unity among Christians is vital. It’s time for Christians to stand together with their brothers and sisters in the Middle East. As Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA.) said, “A culture that fails to protect believers may eventually find that it lacks the self-belief to protect itself.”

We are all horrified as we read the news stories, and many people want to help but don’t know how. So what can you do?

Here are four ways you can help the Christians under attack by ISIS:

1. Pray, and Fast Jesus tells us that some demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting (Mathew 17:21 & Mark 9:29). Pray often for our Christian brothers and sisters. Pray especially for the children, who are not excluded from the torture and executions. Fasting is a great way to offer up our many worldly comforts to help expel the evils from Iraq and Syria.

2. Spread the Word Do not be silent. Spread the word. Keep your friends and family informed on what is going on. Stay active on social media. There is currently a movement flooding the internet commonly referred to as the #WeAreN movement. This started with people on Facebook and Twitter changing their profile pictures to the Arabic letter, “ ن ” which the ISIS painted on the homes and businesses owned by Christians in Mosul, Iraq. The letter is from the Arabic alphabet and stands for “Nasara,” or “Nazarene,” a word used to “demean” the Christians. This effort has backfired and the symbol has gone from a badge of shame to a symbol of Christian unity.

3. Support the Organizations Helping Christians Here are a few that are doing great work (in alphabetical order):
4. Sign the Petition Sign the petition encouraging the government to step in and save the Christians in Iraq. The efforts made by our government are not nearly enough. Visit the following site to sign the petition: We at Advocates for Faith & Freedom promise to continue speaking out against the Christian genocide.We ask that you join us in praying for those living in fear because they choose to follow Christ. We also would like to thank you for all your support, as we continue to protect religious freedoms only with the help of supporters just like you.

In His Service,

Robert Tyler General Counsel