Is President Obama’s “Compromise” Enough?

In January, President Obama announced that, as part of his Obamacare program, employers would have to include free access to birth control pills in their health coverage plans.  Churches and other houses of worship got an exception from this policy, but other religious institutions would only get an additional year to work out the issue and start providing this coverage to employees. Instantly, this announcement caused a great backlash from faith-based organizations, including hospitals and charities – and particularly those associated with the Catholic Church – who would not receive the exemption.  Birth control of any kind goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church, and the issue quickly became one of freedom of religion and rights of conscience.

In response, President Obama proposed a “compromise” last Friday, stating that the religious institutions themselves would not have to pay for access to birth control pills and services…however, the insurance companies would have to supply coverage free of charge.

This does not in any way solve the underlying concern of these faith-based organizations – which is that they do not want to be forced to provide something that goes against the very tenets and intimate beliefs of their faith!

A House panel is meeting today to discuss whether President Obama’s decree goes against the First Amendment rights of all Americans.

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