Mass Attacks on Christians and Churches in Egypt

Last week, mass attacks on Christians and churches began occurring across Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood had accused Christians of being a cause in the ousting of Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, and staged sit ins across Cairo in protest.  When these sit ins ended in violence, the Muslim Brotherhood called for revenge on Christians and began torching and looting churches, monasteries, schools – even orphanages – until the violence spread across the country.

At least 40 churches were targeted in the attacks, which left at least 4 people dead.  In Egypt, Christians make up about 10% of the population, and it’s believed that the violence between religious factions had increased since Morsi came to power.  Even since he was deposed, the government has not given strong support or protection to Christian churches.

Please Pray          We ask that you stand with us in prayer for this nation and the persecuted Christians who are holding onto their faith.  These attacksagainst Christians and religious institutions have not been widely reported here in America – we ask that you share this with others and widen the network of support and prayer.

It is in times and situations like these that we learn to appreciate even more the freedoms we have in America – to worship as we choose and to share the Gospel with others.  May God bless those without such freedoms in Egypt and around the world, who are currently facing persecution and terror in their own homes.