No "Justice" This Year?

We have had several people call our office and ask about our annual Justice Gala, a fundraising event typically held in October in Southern California.  This year, we decided not to hold the gala, for two main reasons: 1.  Organizing, staffing, and executing Justice is a large financial commitment each year, and

2.  Many times, the finances and resources we have available to carry out our core mission – defending the First Amendment right to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ – are impacted.

          But, there’s still a BIG way you can help us financially…

This year, we decided to put a greater effort towards year-end fundraising to help support the flurry of new cases that have been coming into our office over the past few months.  You can read about these new cases here.

Normally, around 400 people attend our Justice Gala, at $150 per ticket.  If we can get that same commitment from you, our supporters, we will be able to put a full $60,000 towards our cases and our mission to defend religious liberty in the courts!  At this point, we are at about 10% of our fundraising goal.

          Are you able to give a tax-deductible gift of $150 before the end of the year?  If so, please visit this page to find out how you can donate online, by mail, or by phone.

We appreciate each and every one of you – thank you and God Bless!