One California Pastor Is Finding His Voice!

Not until the Church United Awakening tour in Washington DC, did two neighboring pastors - Bob Branch of The Springs Community Church in Temecula and Scott Scharpen of The Scharpen Foundation in Wildomar - even know each other existed. Then, by God’s providence, they were selected to be roommates and a lasting and meaningful friendship began. Inspired by the events of the trip, Pastor Bob was determined to get out of his comfort zone and speak up about the “uncomfortable” topics in our culture, one of them being abortion.

With his new friend’s ministry in mind, he invited Pastor Scott to speak at his church about The Scharpen Foundation’s mobile pro-life clinic, “Go Mobile for Life.”  They parked the mobile clinic in The Springs church parking lot and invited the congregation to tour the facilities. What an impact it had on all who experienced this life affirming ministry, especially Pastor Bob!

A few weeks later, we received an email from Pastor Bob. He wrote, “I was praying for the time, I kept using the phrase "Find Your Voice." I wrote and preached a sermon with that title the next week.”

We were so inspired by his message that we asked him if we could share it with you. Here is an excerpt: Also, notice Nehemiah’s tone and demeanor.  He is gracious, humble and respectful.  He prays silently the whole time. He’s looking for openness, for God’s answer, God’s movement. He’s driven by care, not by anger.

Notice that he was scared to death! Finding our voice may mean facing some of our biggest fears. It doesn’t mean we gallivant into danger without a care in the world. It means that in the midst of the injustice, in the middle of the opposition, we are able, with God’s gracious strength and boldness to go for the ask. To speak into the situation. To give voice to God’s heart, God’s truth, God’s ways.

Nehemiah found his voice with God, and shortly afterward, found his voice in the public sphere. God placed him there on purpose. He was to voice God’s heart and purpose to a pagan king, and when he went for the ask, the king accepted! Incredible! These matter, a lot!  As we pray, God will begin to give us a voice to speak into areas that need change.  To speak for him. As with Nehemiah, forging this new ground for something bigger than ourselves is difficult. But, this is how God has chosen to get his purpose advanced: through people like you and me, who at one point did not have a voice, and then, did! Nehemiah cared, prayed, went for the ask, and followed through. He went back to Jerusalem, rebuilt the walls, united his people, and worked as God’s change agent. Read Entire Sermon and Listen to Pastor Bob’s Sermon.

As Advocates for Faith & Freedom continues to use our voice to fight for Religious liberties in court cases, such as The Scharpen Foundation free speech case, we encourage you to find your own voice! Whether you speak or sing; write or draw; volunteer or donate – we should all find a way to share the gospel and our biblical values. We can make a difference in our culture!

We thank you for your faithful prayers and your tax-deductible donations!