Students Stand in Prayer at School Tomorrow

 Tomorrow, September 25th at 7:00am, students around the nation will gather in prayer around their school’s flagpole. This has been a tradition since 1990, See You At The Poleand since then, millions of kids have gathered for See You At The Pole (SYATP) and lifted up their schools, teachers, friends, families, communities, and nation in prayer on the 4th Wednesday of September.

In years past, we have had the opportunity to support students around the nation in practicing their religious liberty in the school setting. Some administrations, operating under the incorrect belief that SYATP violates a “separation of church and state,” have attempted to put a stop to SYATP events. You can read more about the rights of students regarding SYATP here.


What can you do in preparation for tomorrow?


  •  Parents and students – Find out if your school is hosting a SYATP event.  Students, this is a wonderful time to meet in solidarity and prayer with your fellow classmates, and we hope you have the chance to participate!
  • Teachers – Pray for your students who will be participating in SYATP.  They are taking a bold step in faith on this day!
  • All – Please join us in prayer for this event around the country.  What an opportunity for young believers to stand strong in their faith and be a light to their peers.