Update on "Bibles for Belize"

We have been asked to extend our advocacy for faith to the military personnel in the Central American country of Belize. A close friend of mine, John Gotz, serves as a missionary in Belize and as a military chaplain to the Belize Defense Force of approximately 3,000 troops. The country’s leading General has requested that John acquire 5,000 Bibles to deliver to each member of the military!belize-and-defense-force Would you please participate in this outreach by generously donating to Advocates so that we can purchase the Bibles and advocate for our Christian faith internationally? The Bibles will probably cost us approximately $15,000 and we have raised approximately $10,000 so far. I plan to personally deliver the Bibles to the Belize military with John after we raise the remaining money to buy the Bibles. We will have the opportunity to hold Bible studies for many of the troops.

You can designate a specific gift by referencing “Bibles for Belize.” Thank you for your prayer and generosity.  We won’t be able to do this without your generous partnership!