Vote Your Values!

With elections just around the corner, we wanted to remind you how important it is to vote in accordance with your values. As Christians, we have a moral obligation to promote the common good through the exercise of our voting privileges. However, it isn’t easy to keep up with every issue and politician in the political sphere. So, here are a few resources to assist voters as they head into elections:

Learn where the candidates stand on issues and visit the AFA Voter Guide by clicking on the "Voter Guide" icon and enter the address where you are registered to vote to be presented with the specific candidates you will be voting for.

Christian Coalition publishes a number of special voter educational materials - from Congressional Scorecards, which demonstrate the voting records of members of Congress, to Christian Coalition's Election Voter Guides, which show where candidates stand on important pro-family issues.

The Heritage Action Scorecard measures votes, co-sponsorships, and other legislative activity.

For our California supporters, you may wish to view…

California Family Alliance (CFA) is a not-for-profit, political action organization that works in affiliation with California Family Council. CFA’s purpose is to advocate for pro-family, pro-life issues at the grassroots and legislative levels.

Information based on candidates’ views, records and positions from a Christian worldview for California Governor and State Offices; U.S. Congress, California State Senators and Assembly Members; County, City and Judicial races.