Where Are Our Church Leaders?

500 Christian churches in London have closed; 427 new mosques have been built, and many on the sites of shuttered Christian churches. The Brick Lane Mosque was constructed on a former Methodist church that was built in 1743. It was a Methodist chapel from 1819 until 1898 when it became the Great Synagogue for Jewish refugees from Russia and central Europe. In 1976 it became the London Great Mosque.

St. Peter's Church has been converted into the Madina Mosque. The trustees received several other offers, but the bid from the Muslim community was chosen.

The former Hyatt United Church, bought by the Egyptian Community Centre will be converted to a mosque and school. The church’s Rev. Richard Golden surprisingly said this, "I am delighted it will remain as a place of worship. I believe we only have one God… some see it as the Prophet Mohammed and others as Jesus.”

Today, there are over 1,700 mosques throughout Britain and only 2 are said to follow the modernist interpretation of Islam.  And this conversion of faith does not only correlate to buildings. The number of converts to Islam has doubled and like Khalid Masood, the Westminster Bridge terrorist, some have become radicalized.

Just a few days after the Manchester Arena terrorist attack and Pope Francis’ trip to Egypt - where he lacked the moral courage to address Islamic extremism and offered only a banal criticism of every form of hatred in the name of “religion” – the Islamic assault continued in the name of Allah.

This time, it was a bus full of Christian pilgrims headed to a monastery in Minya, Egypt.  Before the massacre they were asked to renounce their faith, but all of them refused – even the children. One by one, they were shot to death.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has sounded an emotional warning about the wide-spread persecution and outright annihilation of Christians and Christianity that is currently underway in the Middle East. In the past 3 years in Syria and Iraq, in the name of Allah, we have seen the horrific mass murders of Christian minorities along with dozens, maybe hundreds of places of Christian worship that Islamic fundamentalists have demolished.

How many times do we have to acknowledge, as President Trump did, that the “merciless slaughter of Christians tears at our hearts and grieves our souls.”? How many of our children have to become “martyrs” as Pope Francis has declared?

Not only has the population of British Muslims grown – now at 2.7 million -  almost half are under the age of 25, while it is estimated that almost a quarter of Christian church-goers are close to eighty. It is estimated that in just 20 years, there will be more British Muslims than active Christians.

According to one of Britain's leading judges, their courts must also be multicultural and no longer influenced by Christianity. There are up to 100 Sharia courts in the UK.  In this parallel judicial system, these new courts are based on the denial of human rights, and the values of equality and freedom that are the foundation of English Common Law.

Lebanese born and controversial defender of Christianity Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai has said, “I have often heard from Muslims that their goal is to conquer Europe with two weapons; their faith and their birthrate…  So when they come to Europe and see the empty churches and find the unbelief of Europeans, they immediately think they will fill that void.”

This trend is happening throughout Western Europe. Do centuries of Christian teachings and values face a certain and permanent decline or even extinction? Where are the church leaders? Where is their courage?

The Bible is absolute. Deuteronomy 31:6 says, "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.” But, so far, the majority of Christian leaders can do no more than speak to relativism.

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