Will the Mt. Soledad Cross Remain?

Recently, we sent an amicus brief to the district court in opposition to the decision of the Ninth Circuit regarding the Mt. Soledad cross in San Diego, CA. Mt Soledad Cross In 2011, the Ninth Circuit ruled that the cross was unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause in our Constitution. The decision stated, "Overall, a reasonable observer viewing the Memorial would be confronted with an initial dedication for religious purposes…” However, the Court did not decide what to do with the memorial.

This decision was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, but they declined to hear the case. So, the Ninth Circuit verdict remains in place.

          We believe that this cross is a longstanding memorial to our men and women in uniform, and we – along with other supporters – suggest that the land the cross sits on be sold to a private party so that the memorial can remain. With the sale or transfer of the land to a private organization, the government would be free from any perceived endorsement of religion.

This would be a far better resolution than removing the cross altogether. The Mt. Soledad Cross has stood atop a hill in La Jolla, CA, since 1913 (the current cross was erected in 1954) and is a memorial honoring veterans who have served our country.


          Please pray with us as our amicus brief goes before the District Court. We pray that this memorial will continue to stand in honor of those who have bravely served our country!