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As many of you know, our annual fundraising gala, Justice 2014, is coming soon. Many of you have been very gracious and supportive to us in times of need. And now...

We need your help!


During the gala, Advocates will host a silent and a live auction. We are in need of donated items for us to sell at the auction.

Advocates depends heavily on our annual Justice Gala to raise much needed funds so we may continue to defend your First Amendment rights.

Many of you have connections, and many of you have been blessed this last year. We humbly ask that you please take a look at what you have to offer, and offer it for the success of our Gala

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You can also call us at (888) 588-6888

Here’s an Idea of What You Can Give:

Once in a Lifetime Opportunities • A connection with a sports team of any sort to create a unique package (e.g. ball boy for a day at a Lakers game) • Frequent flyer miles – these will help us put together some great travel experiences • Use of your condo/timeshare/cabin • A hot air balloon ride, pilot lessons, a ride in a jet, etc. • Yacht cruise • A trip to a major sports event (e.g. Master’s Golf Tournament, Superbowl) • A one-of-a-kind experience or adventure

Indulgent Packages • Spa Package • Shopping spree at a mall • Weekend get-aways, vacations

Gift Certificates and Tickets • Restaurants • Bookstores • Theater tickets • Movie theater tickets • Sporting event tickets • Concert backstage passes

Other Gifts • Artwork • Autographed sports memoribilia • Ipads • Snowboards or surfboards • Celebrities – autographed photo, etc. • High-end purses and jewelry • GoPro camera • Your business' services • Gifts for the families • New furniture • Home decor

Is Jesus Allowed in School? The Courts to Decide!

Dear Friend,

            Hostility towards religion, particularly Christianity, in public schools has increased dramatically in the past few years. Cases involving students being ridiculed and even reprimanded because of their Christian faith are on the rise.
            As some of you may recall, Isaiah Martinez, a first grader in West Covina, Calif., brought Christmas gifts to school to share with his classmates. The gifts were candy canes with attached notes describing the legend of the candy canes. The legend tells the story of the candy maker who created candy canes to represent the life of Jesus Christ.
            When Isaiah’s teacher saw what the note on the candy canes said, she confiscated them. After speaking with the principal, she told Isaiah that Jesus is not allowed in school. She then removed the notes at the direction of the principal and handed the candy canes back to Isaiah to distribute to the class.  The teacher then threw the notes in the trash.

            “Jesus is not allowed in school?”  Isaiah was understandably confused and embarrassed by what happened in class that day. Fortunately, his parents reached out to us to learn if the school and administration’s actions were warranted.
            We immediately sent a letter to the West Covina Unified School District demanding that the school apologize for how Isaiah was treated and demanded that it adopt a policy prohibiting school officials from discriminating against or intimidating Christian and other religiously-affiliated students, as is appropriate under the First Amendment of our Constitution.
            The school conducted an investigation and substantially confirmed the facts as we presented, but the school district believed that their discriminatory actions were warranted. We then appealed to the school board requesting once again that Isaiah be allowed to hand out the candy canes and that they adopt a revised policy. After the school board denied our appeal, we appealed to the California Department of Education to no avail. The school has Alex Martinez Quoteneglected to correct its actions, and after exhausting all options to avoid a lawsuit we were left with no choice but to file a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. By filing suit, we will be asking the court to protect Isaiah's rights and the rights of others like him from having their faith censored.

            It’s unfortunate when these situations arise and must be brought before a judge in order to rectify injustice. Please join us in prayer as we take Isaiah’s case to trial and pray for the strength and protection of Isaiah and his family. In return, we are more than happy to pray for you and your families, and welcome your prayer requests. Send prayer requests and any questions to
            If you’re tired of the way that Christians are marginalized in our country, and the increasing hostility towards Christians, please consider making a donation today. Your gift will go directly toward cases like Isaiah’s, and it will make an impact on the culture targeting people of faith today. We’re constantly stunned by the cases that come our way – primarily young students experiencing humiliation and discrimination simply because of their Christian faith. We ask for your support to continue our work protecting our First Amendment right to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

 In His Service,,
Robert Tyler
General Counsel

            We are grateful for your support and words of encouragement for our team and clients. Isaiah and his family are blessed to receive the comfort and guidance of their pastor, Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, who also serves on our Board of Directors.
            We are very fortunate to have Pastor Jack as our keynote speaker for Justice 2014! Please mark your calendars…  

Justice 2014 Annual Gala and Fundraiser “Understanding the Times”
Saturday, September 27th at 5:00 pm
Held at Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa 3050 Bristol Street, Costa MesaKeynote Speaker: Pastor Jack Hibbs

Entertainer and Emcee: Comedian Robert G. Lee Honored Guests: Tim and Beverly LaHaye

Get involved with Advocates for Faith & Freedom! This is your opportunity to support the work of Advocates. This event helps us raise funds to support our free legal services through dinner ticket sales, live auction, and silent auction. We hope you will join us – please visit our Justice 2014 page for more information and to purchase your ticket or table.

Justice 2014 is Coming...How YOU can help!

Help make Justice 2014 our most successful gala yet!
 Advocates' Justice 2014 Gala
Advocates for Faith & Freedom is proud to present Justice 2014 ~ Understanding the Times. This year’s Justice Gala will take place September 27th, at the Hilton Orange County in Costa Mesa. We’re working towards a more successful gala than ever before. This exciting event includes a three-course gourmet dinner, engaging speakers, and both live and silent auctions!


Here at Advocates we rely on God’s providence to carry us as we fight for your First Amendment rights. The Justice Gala is a major contributor in covering court fees and other litigation expenses to continue the important cases being fought in America’s courts to uphold your religious liberty. It’s a very special event, and we would love for you to be a part of it.


Visit our Justice Gala Event Page at


Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Secure tickets to attend Justice 2014 Like we said, this is going to be an amazing event that you won’t want to miss. Purchase individual tickets for you, your spouse, family members, friends, neighbors, bible study groups, and work associates. Don’t forget to upgrade to Liberty Tickets to have access to the exclusive Liberty Reception before the dinner and receive an autographed book.

2. Purchase a table at Justice 2014 For the best value and the best experience at Justice 2014, be sure to purchase a table so you can enjoy the event with yourself and nine others. If you buy a table, you’ll pay for nine tickets and receive the tenth one free. Upgrade to a Liberty Table and you and each person at your table will have access to the exclusive Liberty Reception before the dinner and receive an autographed book.

3. Donate an auction item to Justice 2014 During the Justice Gala, Advocates will host a silent and a live auction! Do you have something special that you know someone out there would really enjoy? It may be services offered by your company, sports event tickets, frequent flyer miles, gift certificates, spa packages, weekend getaways, or any other one-of-a-kind experience or adventure. Please take a look at what you have to offer, and offer it for the success of our Gala!

4. Advertise at Justice 2014 Put your company’s name right in front of a coveted, conservative audience by purchasing an ad in our Justice 2014 program. Spaces are limited in this information packed program, and they will go fast!

5. Become a Justice 2014 Freedom Sponsor We can’t host the Justice Gala without sponsors. If you feel Lord has blessed you and wants for you to give back, then join in our efforts by becoming a Justice 2014 Freedom Sponsor. You will receive access to our Liberty Reception, advertising benefits, plus many more exclusive sponsor benefits.

6. Make a donation If you can’t make it to the Justice Gala, you can still be a part of our mission. Help us continue protecting religious freedom by donating $50, $100, or even $500 to Advocates today!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lori Sanada at 951-304-7583 or  All of us here at Advocates and our clients thank you very much for your support and donations to this important event.  Our ongoing legal efforts are not possible without YOU!In His Service,
Robert Tyler General Counsel & Ron Strand Liberty Legacy Title Sponsor

Presenting the Gospel while "Under Oath"

Dear friend, More and more, we are experiencing governmental lawyers who seem to have no religious affiliation, no exposure to Christianity, and no knowledge of some of the most basic Christian principles like the “Great Commission.”  To many governmental lawyers, the concept of a Christian spreading the Gospel is almost putrid to their senses.

I am writing my thoughts as I ponder upon a deposition currently ongoing in one of our cases. Our client was questioned by an attorney from the California Attorney General’s Office and I anticipate, based on her questions, that she will eventually argue that our client’s attempts to share the Gospel is not protected religious speech because it is offensive to some members of the public.

Here’s the “silver lining” that is apparent in the deposition transcript: The deputy attorney general has been questioning our client about hell, sin, salvation, good works, and sexuality. She has also questioned whether our client’s group believed that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and salvation. How do think our client responded? He shared the Gospel message in love and compassion to the governmental lawyer!

“When you are brought before synagogues, rulers and authorities, do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.” Luke 12:11-12

Far too often, we are experiencing governmental officials who seem to think it is their job to sanitize the public from exposure to a Christian perspective. As our American culture becomes more and more secularized, it is going to be more and more important for us to educate public officials and to defend the First Amendment in courts so that Christianity is not censored in all public arenas.

This is why it is our stated mission to “defend the First Amendment right to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The good news is that we have had significant success in this arena! From the acquittal of Christians sharing their faith on public property who were criminally charged to students sharing their faith in public schools.

Let us give you some more good news from California! We were recently contacted by Texas-based Liberty Legal Institute and Pastor Rick Moore of Calvary Chapel Laguna Niguel. Pastor Rick was attempting to rent city facilities from the City of Laguna Niguel in order to launch his new church. However, when Pastor Rick contacted the City, he learned that although the City rented their facilities to nonprofit organizations, the City could not rent to religiously based organizations because of a discriminatory provision embodied in the City’s ordinances.

With help from Advocates for Faith & Freedom and Liberty Legal Institute, we were able to properly advise Pastor Rick and warn the City Council about the unconstitutionality of the policy prohibiting the temporary rental of property to religious organizations. After a public hearing last month, the City Council voted unanimously to eliminate the discriminatory policy so that churches could rent City facilities just like other nonprofit organizations.

Thank God for this Victory!

Although we recognize that our culture is embracing a radicalized and secular culture, we are excited that God has placed each of us on this earth “for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)

Please remember to pray for us as we continue to work in this ministry of protecting our First Amendment right to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have the ability, we would greatly appreciate your financial support for the ongoing costs we incur to protect religious liberty. In His Service,

Robert Tyler General Counsel


No "Justice" This Year?

We have had several people call our office and ask about our annual Justice Gala, a fundraising event typically held in October in Southern California.  This year, we decided not to hold the gala, for two main reasons: 1.  Organizing, staffing, and executing Justice is a large financial commitment each year, and

2.  Many times, the finances and resources we have available to carry out our core mission – defending the First Amendment right to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ – are impacted.

          But, there’s still a BIG way you can help us financially…

This year, we decided to put a greater effort towards year-end fundraising to help support the flurry of new cases that have been coming into our office over the past few months.  You can read about these new cases here.

Normally, around 400 people attend our Justice Gala, at $150 per ticket.  If we can get that same commitment from you, our supporters, we will be able to put a full $60,000 towards our cases and our mission to defend religious liberty in the courts!  At this point, we are at about 10% of our fundraising goal.

          Are you able to give a tax-deductible gift of $150 before the end of the year?  If so, please visit this page to find out how you can donate online, by mail, or by phone.

We appreciate each and every one of you – thank you and God Bless!

"We atheists laugh at you Christians..."

Dear Partner, We have experienced a tremendous number of inquiries of Christians seeking pro-bono legal help in the last 60 to 90 days for many legal assaults on the Christian faith. Our legal team has sprung into action and successfully protected a number of those Christians with our rapid response, as you will see when you read further in the newsletter.

It seems that the root cause behind this assault is the evil unleashed in the spiritual realm. We know that God has called us to stand in defense of the many Christians doing great work in the spread of the Gospel and also, for those Christians who are mere victims of arbitrary anti-Christian bigotry by persons in power.

            Has our legal ministry become more visible in the last 90 days, or is it a sign of the times?

Although we’ve had some recent media attention, I really believe the phone calls and emails are a sign of the times—that our services are needed now more than ever. Here are just a few of the cases we are working on that have come into our office in the last 90 days:

            “We atheists laugh at you Christians. And in 100 years, no one is going to believe in God because the science will prove he doesn’t exist.” This is the statement from one 7th grade teacher in Massachusetts who felt she had the unfettered right to show such visceral hostility toward her students in a social studies class. Similar comments were made on other days but we don’t have time to go into them here. Imagine the effect this hostile communication will have on future generations. One mom complained to the school principal, but the anti-Christian comments didn’t stop. That same mom called on us for help, and we have agreed to file a lawsuit against the school district and the teacher, if the family is willing. While bullying is a hot topic within today’s schools, the bullying most often overlooked is the bullying that some school administrators and teachers unleash on their own students just because the students have or express a Christian worldview. We need to find more cases like these so we can set legal precedent against religious hostility expressed in the classroom by public school teachersThese children are the future and we can’t allow generations to be lost due to the atheistic influences of a hostile public school environment.

            Do Christians still have a right to share the Gospel out loud in public?

We were recently contacted by Michael Marcavage, a minister on the East Coast and publisher of Christian News Network. He regularly engages in street evangelism and has had significant difficulties sharing the Gospel in public—and in this case, along the Atlantic City Boardwalk. This minister was told he needed to apply for a permit as a “street performer” and pay a fee for street evangelism. First, he is not a “street performer” as defined by the city ordinance. Second, the Constitution gives him the right to free speech, and the fee for our right to speak freely in open public forums like a boardwalk  has  already  been  paid by the sacrifice of our brave men and women in the armed forces  who have lost their lives fighting for our liberty. While not  all of us are “cut-out” for street evangelism, we need to protect our right to free speech in public or else our public square may begin to look more like China’s Tiananmen Square.

            We will be filing a lawsuit in New Jersey to secure these rights. From the beginning, our mission has been to defend the First Amendment right to free speech, which includes spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. More recently, we’ve experienced the need to defend not only the right to express our faith, but to defend the right to practice our faith in our daily lives.

We’ve received calls about everything from children chided for reading the Bible as part of a homework assignment to ministers threatened by county officials for refusing to marry same-sex couples.  A reoccurring theme we’re noticing with all this activity: hostility towards a Christian worldview. 

The good news is we’ve had much success. Many of these recent issues have been resolved without even having to file a lawsuit. The important thing is that we are here to take their phone calls and take legal action, which many times simply requires us to send a letter explaining the constitutional protection afforded to our clients.

            While we are trying to help as many people as we can, we simply do not have enough financial resources to help all of these clients defend their religious liberties and fight anti-Christian hostility.

Many of you have asked us about our Justice Gala this year. As you may remember, we normally hold an annual fundraising event known as “Justice” in the fall. This year, we made a strategic decision to skip this event for a few reasons: putting on a Justice Gala each year is a large financial commitment, and it often impacts the resources we have to commit to our primary mission to defend the First Amendment right to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to our new clients.

            Right now we have more inquiries than we can commit to financially, and in order for us to be able to fully handle all the cases coming in WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Typically, about 400 people attend our Gala, and while it’s an educational and often inspiring event, we realized that we could make a greater impact toward our core mission if we could apply the full amount of your donations to the new cases we’ve taken on recently.

Our strategy and hope is that everyone who would normally purchase a ticket or contribute by buying an auction item will make a gift to this campaign. In doing so, 100% of your donation will go directly towards our ministry and new cases—defending religious liberty. If 400 of you could make a donation of $150 (the price of a Justice ticket), we could raise the funds necessary to more aggressively pursue these opportunities and ensure that Christians retain the right to live out their faith in their daily lives!

If you can’t commit to a $150 donation right now but would like to contribute to our mission, we gratefully welcome any and all gifts! We’ve set a goal of $60,000 in order to pursue the astounding amount of cases God has supplied us with, and we would be grateful if you would join us in reaching that goal!

For those of you who regularly attend and enjoy our galas, don’t fret! We’ve already started planning for our regular Justice Gala in 2014!

We’re humbled by your tremendous support over the years, and now—as we see the culture war raging more than ever—we thank you in advance for your help in reaching our fundraising goal to support the many new cases coming into our ministry.  On behalf of the entire Advocates team and our Board, have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

In His Service,
Robert Tyler
General Counsel

Thank you for making Justice 2012 a success!

We want to send a big thank you to all of you who joined us last weekend at Justice 2012 in Costa Mesa, CA!  Your presence and participation made the

night so memorable, and we hope that you had a fun and informative evening with us.

The highlights of the evening included:

  • A very informative presentation concerning Obama’s vision for this nation, how Obama feels about religious liberty, and the importance of Advocates’ work.
  • Advocates attorneys Robert Tyler and Jennifer Bursch related their experiences straight from the courtroom, case updates, and what we can do about the biggest issues impeding our religious and individual liberties today.
  • The gathering of over 400 Christian supporters who are committed to defending religious liberty.  What a great time of community!

For those of you who were unable to join us, we’d like to ask you a question as we look forward to Justice 2013…would you want to experience this event, even if you’re unable to physically be there? We’re considering streaming the event next year, so that you can still have the incredible Justice experience…but you can do it from your home!  If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please email us at and simply tell us, “Yes, I’m interested in attending Justice 2013 by live stream.”

Now, as we begin plans for Justice 2013 (already!), we’d like to reach out to any businesses or individuals who would like to take a more active role in the event by donating an item for our live or silent auction. If you have any unused airline miles, a vacation timeshare, a product or service from your business, or anything else that may work for an auction, please contact Lori at or at(888) 588-6888. It’s never too early for us to start planning for this event, and we appreciate your help – you make this event possible!

Ticket Deadline Extended for Justice 2012 with Dinesh D’Souza

Due to high demand, we are extending our ticket sale deadline for Justice 2012! If you haven’t already purchased your tickets ($150 a plate), we urge you to claim them right now…because our ABSOLUTE, LAST CHANCE deadline for ticket purchases is this Wednesday, October 3rd by 12 noon!

We are so excited to bring you a private and powerful address from our keynote speaker, Dinesh D’Souza – author and director of the box office success 2016: Obama’s America. You will be able to hear from this New York Times bestselling author LIVE, as he discusses how we can liberate America, especially in this important time in our history, and why the work that Advocates for Faith & Freedom does is so important!

In addition, we will be hosting a Chance Drawing, Silent Auction, and Live Auction – so you can support Advocates’ work and have an opportunity to walk away with some amazing gifts and lifetime experiences! Here is a sample of what you will find at Justice 2012:

  • Participate in the Chance Drawing for an opportunity to win a $1,000 Gift Card for the Montage Resort & Spa in Laguna Beach
  • Join the fun of our exciting Live Auctionwhere we have included something for everyone:
    • Autographed Muhammad Ali Lithograph by artist LeRoy Neiman (autographs from both Ali and the late Neiman)
    • An autographed electric guitar from Paul McCartney of The Beatles
    • A Tim Tebow 24" x 30” stretched canvas portrait and autographed NFL Official Game Football, NY Jets
    • A beautiful 3-night stay in Napa Valley Wine Country
    • The ultimate Nascar Experience: Drive a stock car to the checkered flag!
    • Beautiful European 10-Night Vacation for two
    • Country singer Taylor Swift’s autographed Acoustic Guitar
    • Sports Fan Getaway ~ Choose your favorite MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, Golf or College Bowl Game
    • Christmas Parade Cruise in Newport Harbor on a private 34' yacht with Advocates attorneys, board members, and 4 of your friends or family!
  • Bid on some amazing items in our Silent Auction:
    • Deep Sea Fishing Trip on a private boat out of Huntington Beach for six
    • America’s Cup Yacht Adventure
    • A vacation to remember to the La Costa Resort Spa and Golf in Carlsbad
    • Fun-filled day trips with tickets for the Dodgers, USC game, Aquarium of the Pacific, Knott’s Berry Farm, Catalina Day Trip, etc.
    • And so much more.....

You only have 48 hours left to get your ticket to this amazing event – experience a commanding keynote address from Dinesh D’Souza; enjoy the fun of our silent and live auctions; and, most importantly, learn more about what Advocates for Faith & Freedom is doing right now to defend our religious liberties!

We hope to see you there!!

Tickets are Going, Going, (Almost) Gone to see Dinesh D’Souza in Costa Mesa!

Tickets are going fast for our Justice 2012 Gala, happening on Saturday October 6th in Costa Mesa, CA. We are very fortunate to have Dinesh D’Souza, author and director of the hit documentary 2016: Obama’s America (out in theaters now) as our keynote speaker.

This intriguing film asks the question, “What will our America look like in 2016 if Obama is reelected and pursues his vision for our nation?” And digging deeper, what is Obama’s vision for America? As Dinesh said in his speech at CPAC 2012, “There’s a lot of personal mystery around Obama, but more than that – there is ideological mystery…. It’s still unclear…what his compass is.”

You can view the trailer of his movie here, and better yet – if you are in Southern California – you can hear Dinesh speak LIVE about the movie, his research, and why fighting for our religious liberties in the climate of our nation today is so vitally important.

We invite you to purchase your tickets today, as they are going fast! Tickets are $150 each, and you can purchase them online or by calling us at 888-588-6888.

We hope to see you there!

Are Our Children Being Hijacked?

For the past few years, Advocates has taken a very special interest in the rights and liberties afforded to our children as students in the public school system. We have done this not only to ensure their rights in the school setting, but also to take a stand for families who want to bring up their children in the moral structure that they choose. Parents and families, we want you to realize that when your children go to school, they will be encouraged, if not compelled, to adopt ideals and morals that do not support what you are teaching them at home. And, to educate you on what is happening in the schools and what your children are or will be facing everyday, we have put together a booklet called “Hijacked K-12. These are just a few of the alarming situations we came across in our research and experiences:

  • Students may leave school grounds to receive psychological counseling, vaccinations for STDs, abortions or other pregnancy-related treatments during school hours…and the school does not have to provide notice to the parents.
  • The California Teacher’s Association (CTA) now warns its teachers: “Please do not assume anyone’s gender, even people you may have met in the past. A person’s external appearance may not match their internal gender identity.” They have also suggested, “One way of acknowledging the needs of all people is to designate restrooms as gender neutral.” (emphasis added)
  • Schools have not only taken religion out of the public school system, but they have also displayed outright hostility towards students and teachers who espouse Christian views, examples of which we detail in the booklet.

If you are a parent, a teacher, or a student – we encourage you to get a copy of this booklet to educate yourself and your family or colleagues. This information is eye opening and thought provoking, and we have provided tips for how you as a parent or teacher can take action to protect your or your children’s rights!

We want to get the word out about this information as much as possible, and you can help us by doing one or more of the following:

  • Request a booklet. Please call us at (888) 588-6888 to order one or more copies. We are asking for a $5 donation for a hard copy of this booklet, or we can email you a PDF digital copy for no charge, or any donation you’d like to give. The booklet will eventually be available on our website as well.
  • Forward this information on to your friends, family, and colleagues. Please help us spread the word, and let’s get as many people informed as possible!
  • Tell your church, Bible study leader, parents group, private school, or other organizations to contact us to speak. We are willing and ready to get this information out any way that we can, and a great channel for this is speaking engagements. If you or someone you know may be interested in having us speak, please contact Lori Sanada at (888) 588-6888.

We believe that this message is urgent, and we want everyone to know what is happening in our schools, as well as what we as parents, teachers, and concerned citizens can do to protect our students and our families. Thank you so much for your help!

Dinesh D’Souza, Author and Director of the 2016 Movie, will be at Justice 2012!

Recently, the movie 2016: Obama’s America opened in movie theaters around the nation, and it was a surprising hit. The movie was written and directed by Dinesh D’Souza, and it explores the premise: Who is this man who is running our country, and what is his vision for the future of America? And what direction do we as Americans want for our country as we look toward our nation’s future?

Incredibly, this gripping documentary has earned upwards of $20 million so far – more than 5 times the amount the second highest-grossing documentary of the year earned…and this one had barely any promotional budget! Americans are clearly concerned about the upcoming election this year and what is going to become of our beloved nation. Dinesh D’Souza and this movie provide facts about what must be done to ensure that America and our liberties continue to grow, not diminish.

Our own Robert Tyler, Advocates General Counsel, saw the movie recently and stated, “I was astounded at how little we truly know about the man who holds the greatest power in not only our nation, but also the world. It proved to me even more how important the work we do here at Advocates - protecting our religious liberties and defending our individual rights - truly is!" Dinesh D’Souza is our keynote speaker at the Justice 2012 Gala this year, happening in Costa Mesa, CA on October 6. Dinesh will be sharing a message about “Liberating America,” including some of the facts he uncovered about our leader and the direction our nation is now heading, and why it is so imperative to continue fighting for our liberties!

In addition, we are proud to announce the return of Warren Duffy as the emcee for Justice 2012. From 1994 to 2004, afternoon drive-time radio listeners in Southern California tuned in daily from 4 to 7 p.m. on 99.5, KKLA, to hear the award winning talk program “Duffy and Company.” Since leaving the air in 2004, Duffy keeps busy serving as a speaker and leader of “Duffy Tours”worldwide.

Tickets are going fast, and seating is limited...So, if you are interested in hearing from Dinesh D’Souza and supporting our continued fight for religious liberty, please visit or call (888) 588-6888 to purchase tickets now.


Robert Tyler Advocates for Faith & Freedom