Petition Drive in Motion for Parental Notification

In an electronic age where news and information is just a click away, it’s hard to believe that California still harbors its own dirty little secret—a secret that Planned Parenthood spends millions of dollars trying to keep under the radar: Sexual predators and older boyfriends—emboldened by the fact that the Golden State does not have a parental notification law—are free to prey on minor girls knowing they can easily get rid of  “the evidence” in the event of a pregnancy. So how many minors have abortions in California? We don’t know for sure because that’s a secret, too. Although the Centers for Disease Control tracks abortion statistics nationwide, California is one of only three states that refuse to make its data available.

It is estimated, however, that California accounts for one in four of all abortions nationwide. One in four! According to the Guttmacher Institute, which has ties to Planned Parenthood, there were Teenage girl - sad181,700 abortions in California in 2011, the most recent year available. Of those, it is estimated that 16,000 teens have abortions in California annually.

Although there is no statistics on how many teens tell their parents about an unwanted pregnancy, what is certain is that the veil of secrecy creates a dangerous environment for teen girls.

Californians for Parental Rights—hoping to eliminate the protection shield for child rapists—has begun circulating petitions to get parental notification on the November 2016 ballot. The group needs 585,407 valid signatures in order to qualify for the ballot, has garnered the support of presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and Adrian Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The ballot measure would require that one parent be notified 48 hours before an abortion could be performed on a minor. The measure also provides for a judicial bypass in the case of parental abuse. A teen would not need parental consent before getting an abortion.

A similar measure on the 2008 ballot, fell short by just 2 percentage points despite heavy funding (15 to 1) from Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations. In addition, the measure’s proponents said the state’s changing demographics, coupled with aggressive de-regulation efforts by abortion supporters, have created an environment that is more supportive of parental notification. Consider:

  • Hispanics, who poll 81 percent in favor of parental notification, have grown from 18 percent in 2008 of actual voters to 25-25 percent in 2016.
  • Asians, who poll 70 percent in favor of parental notification, have grown from 5 percent of actual voters in 2008 to 9-10 percent in 2016.
  • This summer’s emergence of Planned Parenthood videos showing employees brokering in baby parts, has soured the public against the abortion provider.
  • California has recently passed laws removing safety protections for women who seek abortions, including allowing certain classes of nurses and midwives to perform the procedures, eliminating hospital transfer agreements which are vital in the event of a medical emergency, and lowering the building standards for abortion clinics.
  • Last year, California’s abortion funding increased by 40 percent, while most other health payments across the state were cut by 10 percent.

Additionally, the measure’s proponents said research has shown a reduction in the number of teen abortions in states where notification is required. In Minnesota, for instance, the abortion rate has dropped more than 71 percent since the law was implemented there in 1989. Alaska and Illinois, which both implemented laws in recent years, also saw abortions reduced by at least 20 percent.

To learn more about the measure, including stories of actual abuse cases and the success of parental notification in other states, visit

Here Comes Common Core... What's the big deal?

Dear Friend,
In 1776, Thomas Paine wrote, “Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil.” Our Founding Fathers recognized government as a necessary evil and, therefore, carefully crafted the American government with a separation of powers so no one branch of government became too powerful. Additionally, our Constitution provides the federal government with certain powers and the states with certain powers. Thomas Paine’s words ring truer now than in 1776, because the federal government’s “Common Core” curriculum interferes with States’ rights and violates federal laws prohibiting such control. 

Control of educational curriculum is a state right; not a federal right. Under Common Core and its financial incentives, the federal government is attempting to do what it legally cannot. The federal government, by financial incentives (our tax dollars), is attempting to take away power reserved for the states. A large part of the American government’s success lies in its inherent restraints on government power known as “checks and balances.” This means the federal government must not overstep its authority by ignoring the laws adopted by Congress.  We, as citizens, should be gravely concerned when any branch of our government ignores laws restraining it and, in this case, treads on the rights of States.

Everyone—not just parents—should oppose Common Core because it negatively affects the nation’s youth in two ways:

  1. The math curriculum puts students almost two years behind their peers, potentially forcing them out of the university system and into the already impacted community college system, leaving our universities scrambling for foreign students who can qualify;
  2. The questions students must answer on tests has an anti-conservative indoctrination and a socialism/communism agenda.  Common Core is about lowering the academic standards for American children and the indoctrination of an anti-American agenda.

Furthermore, Common Core collects our children’s data without proper parental consent. It is possible this data will be available to unknown sources. Common Core testing allows the educational system to ask if guns are in your home, if parents have served in the military, and other information not necessary to the academic pursuits of students.

What can parents do? Use an Opt Out Form to remove your children from the Common Core testing. As long as California has Common Core, students may not Opt Out of the curriculum entirely, but may Opt Out of the testing for religious reasons. If all students opt out of Common Core testing, the system will fail to accomplish its hidden agenda.  All citizens can write their political representatives encouraging them to get rid of the Common Core curriculum in California.  States like Texas and Alaska have not adopted Common Core for the reasons stated above.  Lastly, when you go to the polls, make sure you know your candidate’s view on Common Core.

There are many Opt Out Forms by great organizations, one source we recommend is You may also contact our office (888-588-6888 or email:, and we can send you an Opt Out Form.                              In His Service,                                                             Marty Nicholson                               Legal Counsel


Students Stand in Prayer at School Tomorrow

 Tomorrow, September 25th at 7:00am, students around the nation will gather in prayer around their school’s flagpole. This has been a tradition since 1990, See You At The Poleand since then, millions of kids have gathered for See You At The Pole (SYATP) and lifted up their schools, teachers, friends, families, communities, and nation in prayer on the 4th Wednesday of September.

In years past, we have had the opportunity to support students around the nation in practicing their religious liberty in the school setting. Some administrations, operating under the incorrect belief that SYATP violates a “separation of church and state,” have attempted to put a stop to SYATP events. You can read more about the rights of students regarding SYATP here.


What can you do in preparation for tomorrow?


  •  Parents and students – Find out if your school is hosting a SYATP event.  Students, this is a wonderful time to meet in solidarity and prayer with your fellow classmates, and we hope you have the chance to participate!
  • Teachers – Pray for your students who will be participating in SYATP.  They are taking a bold step in faith on this day!
  • All – Please join us in prayer for this event around the country.  What an opportunity for young believers to stand strong in their faith and be a light to their peers.