California Education Committee v. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The California legislature passed and Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law Senate Bill 777, which redefines the term “gender” for all public schools in California. The term now means any sexual preference imaginable. In other words, you are what you think you are, regardless of your biological make-up. Further, gender is now a protected classification under California’s nondiscrimination laws. Among other absurd consequences, as applied this law will require the girls’ locker room to be open to any boy claiming to be a girl and vice versa. We have filed suit to reverse this law and new definition of “gender.”

As we began searching for students and teachers who have been directly affected by the implementation of SB 777, two students and their parents have stepped forward and agreed to stand up for all of California’s public school children.  It appears the school these student’s attend has allowed a female student, who self-identifies as a male, to change clothes in the male locker room.

In order to add these two families as Plaintiffs, Advocates recently re-filed the case against Senate Bill 777 in Sacramento.  The State of California filed  a motion to dismiss the case and Equality California filed a “friend of the court brief” in support of the State’s motion to dismiss.  The judge heard oral arguments on May 12, 2009 in Sacramento.  The Judge granted the State’s motion to dismiss the case.

Advocates is searching for individuals that have been directly impacted by the implementation of SB 777 in order to file a new lawsuit.