Advocates for Faith and Freedom was founded in 2005 by a group of individuals who are passionate about preserving religious liberty in the legal system. Our Board of Directors consists of a number of successful Christian businesspersons and church leaders, as well as members of the Advocates legal team. With help from our Advisory Board and marketing consultants, our ministry has been able to increase its impact in both the American legal system and the national media.

Since 1995, Robert Tyler has worked in the realm of constitutional law. He labored in both private practices and a large organization, but he developed a vision along the way to begin his own nonprofit legal organization. Throughout law school, Jennifer Bursch worked alongside Robert Tyler and, sharing his vision for constitutional law, she was eager to join with him in the establishment of Advocates for Faith and Freedom.

Advocates for Faith and Freedom’s purpose from its founding has been to serve as a nonprofit legal ministry dedicated to protecting religious liberty in the courts. This firm subsequently engages in cases that deal with important religious liberty issues that deserve to be heard by our nation. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to the mission of the organization, regularly teaming up with allied attorneys nationwide to achieve this mission.

Advocates has taken on high profile cases (many of which have gone as far as the U.S. and California Supreme Courts or Federal Appellate Courts) seeking to protect our First Amendment constitutional guarantees, such as freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion. Some examples of these important cases are the following:

Advocates is a growing legal organization that is quickly emerging as a leading defender of constitutional liberties. Our strategy is to expand our staff and legal team in order to continue our work in the courts nationwide.