The Culture War

The Culture War is raging in our nation today.  The Christian principles and religious liberties that our Nation were founded upon are being stripped away from us, and here at Advocates, we see it every day in the work that we do.  Where is the Culture War taking place?

In Our Society

We live in an amazing country that was founded on the principles of Christianity and morality.   Our founding fathers intimately wove these Christian principles into the groundwork of our Constitution and our government, and we are now facing a great backlash to this inspired heritage through the Culture War raging here in America.  Many of our current leaders and judges want to wipe away any semblance of Christianity and morality from our foundation and culture:

  • They have taken prayer out of the schools – in fact, now it is widely accepted that students should not be able to gather to pray on campus

  • They have banned, in many instances, Christian symbols from public facilities

  • Our president repeatedly omits the words “by our Creator” when speaking of our “unalienable rights” in the Declaration of Independence

Sadly, we expect a more widespread attempt to “cleanse” our Christian heritage from our schools, government, and everyday life as the Culture War rages on.  Our opposition likes to quote “the separation of church and state” as the reason for forbidding Christian speech or practice, but the truth is that this phrase never appears in our Constitution.  Our founding fathers established freedom ofreligion, not freedom from religion.  We should be allowed to integrate our religious beliefs into all aspects of our life, but we have seen the exact opposite happen in our culture – as we are stripped of our right to practice Christianity in our daily lives.

In the Courts

From our experience at Advocates for Faith and Freedom, we know that many of the greatest challenges we will face during this war in our culture will be fought in the courtroom.

For the past several years, we have spent a majority of our time defending traditional marriage in the case of Prop 8.  In November 2008, a majority of California voters supported Prop 8, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman.  Since that time, different governmental officials have tried to undermine the right of the voters and overturn the proposition, and we have been fighting this every step of the way.

Another issue that will likely continue to rear its head in our Culture War deals with the constitutionality of Christian and religious symbols.  For years, we have been involved in the case of the Mt. Soledad cross in San Diego, CA.  The cross is an integral part of the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association and sits on top of a hill in La Jolla, CA as a war memorial…and it has created quite a controversy in our society.  Since 1989, opponents have called for the removal of this Christian symbol from public land.  This case and others like it will continue to be fought in our Courts.

Our Commitment

The secularization of our society has always presented challenges to those of us who support religious freedom and the conservation of our Christian heritage.  Still, we have seen the rumblings of the Culture War for the past few years, and we know that we have quite a fight on our hands, unlike any other time in our Nation’s history.

Our whole team at Advocates for Faith & Freedom is committed to defending our religious liberty in the courts, one case at a time.  These legal challenges that are on the horizon present an opportunity for you and us, through God’s grace, to stand together against religious intolerance.  We are ready and willing to be active participants in the Culture War, defending our individual rights and liberties!  We are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead, and we thank you for your continued prayer, support, and encouragement.

The First Amendment forms the basis for much of the work that we do here at Advocates for Faith and Freedom. 

We believe in the freedom of religion and the protection of our individual liberties and rights as laid out in the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment.  You can learn more about the mission of our organization by clicking here.